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stylist / the hairsmith

Cuts & Colour   : $75 an hour

Pricing is based on hourly rates and subject to additional eco and colour fees.

Eryn has lifelong experience of chasing the creative pursuits. She’s been on the viewfinder side of a camera since forever and visits every art gallery immediately after landing in any new city.


Eryn’s passion in the hair industry is for the shears, clippers and razors side of things. Cutting hair is like creating a sculpture to her. She loves executing every possible type of haircut, from a classic taper fade to a long and lived-in shag to everything in between. Give her your mullets! Bring her your extremely precision bowl cut! Tell her your wildest imagined haircut and she will go on that adventure together with you! Her goal is to create a cut that lasts, grows out well, and works for the level of work you put into your daily routines.  


Eryn’s interests outside of the salon include art, music, film, photography, style over fashion, meeting people from all walks of life, immersing in nature within and outside the city, and the building towards better, more inclusive communities. A little piece of Eryn trivia? as a child she read the dictionary for fun and practiced her cursive writing. 



She / Her

Aquarius ☼ | Virgo △| Sagittarius ☽

Fave Wes Anderson movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox & Life Aquatic tie.

I like so much music it’s hard to pinpoint, but my favourite band I always go back to is

Yo La Tengo.

Have moved 49 times and

love roller skating.

Take me to Corfu and I will be your friend forever.


Years Doing Hair : 10+


Consider this a reference, or cheat sheet to see if you've chosen the best stylist for the look or service you have in mind.

Specialties & Preferences

  • Hair Cutting (All Cuts)

  • Precision Cutting

  • Barbering

  • Natural Colour

Require Consultations Before Booking

  • Unicorn Colour

  • Updo Styling

Summary : Eryn is the ideal stylist for any human who wants to bring out their inner weirdo or maintain your status quo.

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