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Collaborative Photoshoot
We thought who better to connect with than the other pop cultured themed business on the block. We did our own creative take on Twin Peaks and shot in their awesome space.

RIP to The Black Lodge, they are missed and this was a fun day for sure. 

Creative Concept and Direction : Chenoa LeBlanc

Hair & Styling : Chenoa LeBlanc, Nessa Pineda, Xeni Williams, Ali Mackenzie, Camilla Dobbie

Make up : Morgan Camille

Photos : Jennifer Echols, Jordan Robertson, Xahra Miremadi, Michael Roberts

Models :

Katie Findlay as Special Agent Dale Cooper

Amanda Bennett as Audrey Horne

Tereza Tacic as Log Lady (pink edition)

Camilla Dobbie as Nadine Hurley

Kristin Eberth as Laura Palmer

Terra Eder as Shelly Johnson

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