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Salon Policies, Procedures & FAQs


We are booking through our online booking only. Please select the staff member first before the service as we all book differently, have our own specialties and manage our own bookings.  

Every stylist's individual booking link is located on their bio page. 

Services are booked and charged not based on gender but rather timing, detail and hair density of each individual client. There will always be a range and a scale as each person is unique and their hair should be treated as such.

In the same measure, all of our stylists have their own specialties, approaches and individual hair philosophies. Every appointment is a distinctive experience. 

When thinking about booking a hair service we first advise reading over our stylists bios to see who might feel like a good fit.


On these profile pages are listed: 
hourly rates, booking links, a small portfolio of work, social media links, some cute fun facts,

and anything we could think of to add to help you with your decision. 

As we do not have a receptionist the best way to book is through our online booking site.
Our salon phone is for text only, so any questions are best directed to your stylist by email or our generalized email :

Genuinely unsure of who to book?

Complete our New Client Request form.


Our team’s time is their livelihood!

Please allow a minimum of 48 hour’s notice for any booked appointment you wish to cancel (illness related or otherwise) or you may be subject to a cancellation fee for the full amount of your service.

We understand that cancellation policies and fees can be upsetting when enforced, however please understand your appointment times are set aside just for you and missed or late cancelled appointments are very difficult to fill, leading to a loss of income for your stylist.

We respect the time we get to spend with you, thank you for respecting ours.



Our online booking system will automatically send reminders of your upcoming appointment 72 hours in advance to allow extra time if an appointment requires changing.


The following questions will be sent in those emails as a



1. Symptom Check 
Are you experiencing any of the following :
Runny Nose, Fever, Chills / Shakes, Sore Throat, Difficulty Breathing, Sudden Loss of Taste or Smell.

2. Are you awaiting COVID-19 test results?

3. Have you been in close contact with anyone that has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19?

If you answer YES to any of these questions we will have to reschedule your appointment, please contact us immediately.


CHECK IN Procedures

Our front door may be locked at times. This is due to not having a receptionist and our stylist's devoting their focus to their clients. In order to limit your waiting time, we ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment and be prepared to wait outside. 


Your stylist will come to check you in at the beginning of your appointment. 

If visiting to purchase products or earlier for your appointment, please knock on door if locked.

Well behaved pets are welcomed.




As of April 18th 2023, we will be changing our masking policy.

Masking will be optional. Clients may wear masks if they wish, and they may also request their stylist wear a mask during their appointment. Additionally if anyone is presenting visible or audible illness symptoms they may be asked to mask in consideration of the others. 


This policy may return to every day masking if the situation requires.

You may email us if you have any questions around this and we'd be happy to help.


Our online store is open for your convenience, ideally let us know when you intend to pick up your purchases or be prepared to wait until we have time to help you.



We charge based on timing and resources required for the appointment.

Each stylist's rates are stated on their profile pages and on their booking pages. 
An eco fee of $3 is applied to all services to help offset our carbon footprint through the Green Circle Program. Any colour or chemical services are subject to a product fee based on use.

We do not offer reduced rates for age or gender.



We are constantly striving to help make our space as accessible and inclusive as possible.
Here is a list of our salon's current specifications :


Doors : 
We keep our doors locked at the moment due to safety and pandemic concerns. 

If you have an appointment booked your stylist will come to collect you at the door at the time of your appointment and assist with the door if necessary. Our front entrance is fully accessible with no steps to enter the space. 

Chairs :
Our salon chairs have a weight capacity of 350 lbs and have a seat diameter of 20" wide and 17" deep.

Sinks and Shampoo :
Our shampooing sinks are elevated onto a stage with two steps.

We have sourced a collapsible ramp with a weight capacity of 600 lbs and have mounting brackets to allow us to use it. Due to space restrictions, we have this setup available on a as needed basis. Please reach out by email before your appointment to let us know if you require any mobility support for your visit.

Scents :
Salons are by nature a heavily scented environments.

We are still looking to source professional quality products that are scent free, but as none have fit the criteria so far, we do allow clients with sensitivities to bring their own products for use during the service should they wish.
Clients are permitted to wear a mask if they should ever wish or need to even when the mask mandate is lifted. 

Noise :
Salons can be a loud experience. 

For clients with sound sensitivities we offer both single use earplugs on request, and the ability to request "Silent Treatment" in the booking notes. If "Silent Treatment" is requested this means conversations will be kept to the essential minimum for consultation purposes. But please note there will be peripheral noises.
Tuesdays, Sundays and the occasional Monday are currently calmer and quieter days, clients with sensory sensitivities are best advised to book then. 

Communication :
For Deaf and HoH clients we can communicate by texting, writing or if they would prefer we do have a team member who is fluent in ASL. 





We do not have parking for the salon, but there is metered and restricted parking on Broadway, and lots on the side streets. We recommend parking near Dude Chilling Park which is located Northeast of the salon.

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