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owner / stylist / holistic hair doer

Cuts & Colour : $90 an hour

Pricing is based on hourly rates and subject to additional eco and colour fees.

Wren (Lindsey), she has been doing hair for nearly 2 decades(!!). 

Adding to her dedication to the world of hairdressing, Wren opened Field Trip Hair Co with business partner and long time colleague, Chenoa.

Her hair passions lie in easy to style, easy to maintain styles that don't require a lot of fuss in order to look presentable to the world.  Her cuts grow out with grace and her colours are soft, natural and low maintenance.  You can still have rad hair without being wild 😉.

When Wren isn't doing salon related things she is being a mama to 2 littles and taking time to slow down when she can.  The world is a busy place but she finds solace in baths, morning coffee and perusing the local business' that she adores.   

Wren is a big appreciator of the quieter and nicer things in life. 



She / Her / They

Gemini ☼ | Virgo △| Cancer ☽

Fave Wes Anderson movie: The Darjeeling Limited.

Dream Holiday : 1000 years in Scandinavia.

Fave TV Shows : Parks & Rec, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Offspring.

Fave Music : Grouper, Thom Yorke and Slow Dive.

Can we also talk about the importance of a good pillow?

Years Doing Hair : 20+


Consider this a reference, or cheat sheet to see if you've chosen the best stylist for the look or service you have in mind.

Focus & Specialties

  • Natural Colour

  • Fine Hair

  • Curls 

  • Razor Cutting & Soft Textured Cuts

  • Mellow Shags

  • Smoothing Treatments (Cezanne)

  • Air Drying & Natural Texture 

Require Consultations Before Booking

  • New Colour Clients

Summary : Wren is your ideal stylist for natural colours, mid lengths, soft layers and curls.

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