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owner / stylist / unicorn maker

Cuts & Colour : $85 an hour

Pricing is based on hourly rates and subject to additional eco and colour fees.


At this time priorities are to Unicorn Colour and Textured Hair Cut clients.
If you are an existing client of Chenoa's but are having a hard time finding a booking spot, please add yourself to her waitlist as schedule changes quickly.

Chenoa is a creative misfit.


She likes to make and do all the things, and as co-owner of Field Trip Hair Co., she’s lucky enough to get to.

But she’s also into doing it all differently. 

Why not do it your own way? No other way really works long term.


But what does that mean?

Well in this case it means bringing out her client's inner unicorn magic by painting rainbows, creating soft textures, and some good old nerding out.

Something a little different for everyone. Because we are all so different and that's wonderful.

You know, funtimes stuff.

She’s obsessed with pop culture, geek culture, rainbows, cats, colours, crafting, unicorns, most things awesome and will happily prove it.

(But will also gladly talk about darkness and cynicism because balance.)




She / Her

Leo ☼ | Libra △| Libra ☽

Cat Mom / Salon Dad

Fave Wes Anderson movie: The Royal Tenenbaums (but Rushmore is close).

Type 7w8.

Mahou Shoujo.

Chaotic Good.

If I was an animal I'd be a raccoon and occasionally a flying squirrel.

Years Doing Hair : 18+

(Almost 30 in backyards and kitchens).



Consider this a reference, or cheat sheet to see if you've chosen the best stylist for the look or service you have in mind.

Specialties & Preferences

  • Unicorn Colouring 
         all the complex rainbows 

  • Elumen Specialist 

  • Razor Cutting

  • Mullets

  • Shags

  • Shaved Designs

  • Air Drying & Natural Texture 

Require Consultations Before Booking

  • Perming

  • Updos

  • Event Styling

  • Extension and Wig Colouring

Summary : Chenoa is your ideal stylist for identity affirming hair, fun unicorn colour, wavy and natural texture as well as lower maintenance cuts. 

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