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stylist / bohemian hair witch

Cuts, Colour & Styling : $95 an hour

Pricing is based on hourly rates and subject to additional eco and colour fees.

PLEASE NOTE : Kate does NOT WORK WITH BLEACH and no lightener services are available due to allergies. 

Kate loves working with all hair types and textures, and helping everyone to achieve their  dream hair. She loves giving you a perfectly tailored cut so it falls right into place for everyday carefree styling.

Talk to her about growing your hair out too, Kate loves doing bonsai- like haircuts to keep you always looking great while growing out your mane. 


She also loves to help create all kinds of updo styles, be it tidy braids for work,  a red carpet or evening gala or for more whimsical just because occasions. 


Come in and let her help you feel good about your hair. 



She / Her

  Virgo ☼ | Leo △| Aquarius ☽

Fave Wes Anderson movie : 
Isle of Dogs

If I were an animal I would be a crow.


 I love painting or reading or writing by the open window when it rains.


I love collecting small interesting bits of driftwood.

Years doing hair:

Officially 11

But actually closer to 19+


Consider this a reference, or cheat sheet to see if you've chosen the best stylist for the look or service you have in mind.

Focus & Specialties

  • Curl Cutting & Styling

  • Hair Cuts for Everybody

  • Natural Hair Colours ​​
          root retouches, all over tones

     (Please note no bleaching services available due to allergies)

  • Scalp Massages & Hair Styling  

Requires Consultations Before Booking

  • All New Clients

  • Bridal & Event Styling and Updos

Summary : Kate is your ideal stylist for hair cuts for all textures, styling and self care treatments. 

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