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stylist / main character hair

Cuts & Colour :  $80 an hour

Pricing is based on hourly rates and subject to additional eco and colour fees.

coming soon... 


She / Her

Taurus ☼ | Libra △| Sagittarius ☽

Fave Wes Anderson movie :

Isle of Dogs



Favourite music : alternative/r&b/soul, occasionally listening to Japanese metal when the mood is right.

Enjoys people watching and pretending to be an npc.

Cat is an absolute unit.

Matcha fiend. 

Years Doing Hair :4+



Consider this a reference, or cheat sheet to see if you've chosen the best stylist for the look or service you have in mind.

Specialties & Preferences

  • Unicorn Colouring   

  • Short Hair Cuts

  • Painted Designed on Shaved Hair

  • Layered & Feathered Cuts

Requires Consultations Before Booking

  • Natural colours & highlights

  • Silver Unicorn 

Summary : Nicole is your ideal stylist for anime hair IRL. 

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